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Shavon’s Sweets LLC is a Chicago based bakery dedicated to delivering high quality custom made sweets & treats to meet all of our clients' needs. We take pride in providing delectable comfort desserts with an elegant flare to ensure every bite is “Worth every calorie!”


About The Owner...

CEO Shavon Ballard is a wife, mother,

confectionist, actress/model, makeup artist and domestic violence advocate. As a lover of the Arts, she's learned to find the beauty in everything including sweets. Through her creative passions Shavon's Sweets LLC was born. Shavon has always had a love for cooking since a young age which led to her desire to create sweets. Shavon's Sweets LLC is a company that combines Shavon's love for all things pretty and sweet. 


Giving Back...

Shavon Ballard's dream is to use her company as a beacon of light to women and children who have suffered at the hands of domestic violence. To provide hope that there is a sweet rainbow awaiting survivors after the storm. That is why for every purchase made, Shavon's Sweets LLC donates a portion of proceeds to domestic violence organizations and supporting organizations such as Nothern Illinois Food Bank and the Children’s Hospital. Shavon personally thanks you for your support, contributions and for making a difference.

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Custom Pink German Chocolate Cake 8" $55

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Client Testimonials

“Even that last little crumb of 7Up pound cake was delicious.”

-Shannon A.

"Shavon's Sweets has the best cookies I've had from any other bakery in a long time." 

-David A.

"Her brownies are like eating a hug."
-Brandon T.

”That 7up pound cake was the bomb.com. It was delicious. Omg I can still taste it.”

-Nikita B.

"OMG ... if you only knew!!!
... deeeelicious!
-Tinsey R.

"My grandma was the only one who could make peach cobbler how I like it. Since she passed away I dont eat anybodys peach cobbler but shavons sweets. Hers brought back so many memories for me."
-Meko D.

"One of the best cakes I've ever had. Thanks shavons sweets."

-Kenitra Z.

"This banana pudding cheesecake is banging. 🔥"

-Fa'Darryl B.

"The German Chocolate cake is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥."

-Chris D.

"Scrumptious desserts."

-Dr. Sabrena L. Davis

"If you like cake, especially German Chocolate cake ...well you haven't had THAT cake yet until you've tasted Shavons Sweets Juuuust sweet enough! Suuper moist! and so Pretty that you won't want to cut it! That's : @ordershavonssweets Delicious temptations!"

-Carolyn T.

"I love the Hershey Chocolate Cake!"

-Ben T.

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